Amazon Instant Video

Well the time has almost arrived for Amazon instant video to be available on your BlackBerry 10 device......

But still you click the app in the store and it say's: Not compatible with your device!

Well for all you people out there who have just installed the leaked version of 10.3.2 are 90% of the way there to getting amazon instant video working on your device!

What you need to install next is this file:

Once installed and making sure you have a prime account with Amazon, you will have Amazon instant video on your BlackBerry 10 device!

Happy watching guys! And please don't let it stop you dropping by and saying hi here at BlackBerry Exclusive!

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  1. Thanks for the tip, but I’m mostly interested in subscribing to your email alerts, and that means that I need to left a comment to any of your article. Done.

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