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BBM Meetings gets an update

Updates are normal for every app. With the release of new update for BBM Meetings it gives access to professionals those who use on BlackBerry 10, Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac. Yes, you read it right, you can also install BBM Meetings even on desktop. Now the BBM Meetings (video) can be made in HD video and Audio conference. Video conference, brings life to the meetings and upto 25 persons can join the conversation.

With this new update, it gives the access to users with meeting anywhere at any time. One can present from their device of choice whether it may be mobile or desktop. One can show their screen, deliver a presentation, share a document, or even add temporary notes.

In the middle of meeting, where a person of group is saying something and got some idea regarding the same. Then you don't need to look around to write down or type somewhere. All you need to do is to just post the same in group. That's it. Share instantly.

You can also save the meeting audio and listen to it again in future or when needed.  Moreover, you need not to worry about the call you receive, it's similar as voice call, clear audio.

  1. You can chat with a person privately attending the BBM meeting.
  2. Ran out of Cellular Data- just use the phone line to attend the meeting.
  3. Control over meeting- even if you are hosting from a mobile, managing attendees.  Pass host controls, mute noisy lines, remove attendees, and lock your meeting to keep it private.
  4. Schedule at finger tips- it's not time to run all through the contact data, just type the name and send invite to meeting using BBM or email.
  5. A plugin has been added for Microsoft Outlook.

The new update supports android 5.0(lollipop) version.

If you are on android, click here to download.

If you are on iPhone, click here to download.

Do you want to test it on your PC or iMac.  It's here for PC and iMac as well as Microsoft plugin.

You can also find the comparison made by over BBM Meetings by BlackBerry.

Untitled21 Picture source: BlackBerry


Are you using BBM Meetings or used in past? Do you plan to use it? Let us know by your valuable comments.


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