Five Reasons that made me choose BlackBerry 10

Why did Shaun choose BlackBerry?..

My first Mobile Phone was the Nokia 2110 and have been hooked on mobiles ever since, While all my phones had been Nokia , my last Nokia was the N9, the best phone Nokia had created, it was the first smart phone that got rid of buttons and was gesture based, then the bombshell, Nokia decided to end all support of this great device,

I had tried iphone and Android and hated their operating systems, but in January2013 BlackBerry released the Z10 and had me hook line and sinker.

Blackberry has carried on from Meego, so simple yet so more advanced then their competitors. So for me it was a no brainer that I decided to go with a fantastic OS

Here is just a few reasons that made me to choose Blackberry 10

The Hub

Is awesome, This is where notifications from all sources are unified in one place, the sheer joy have not having to open up the app

Active Frames

True multitasking at its best, saving you time while going in and out of apps

In App notifications

Having a notification come through and reading and responding without coming out of the app.


The virtual keyboard uses a prediction engine powered by SwiftKey which makes suggestions based on personalized usage on a per-app basis. Suggested words appear above the next letter on the keyboard, and are picked by swiping up from that key


When you have a blackberry you take this for granted. But that's why Blackberry is so special and unique from their competitors

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