How BlackBerry Exclusive changed the life of one person forever!

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BlackBerry Exclusive are proud to be bringing this post to the UTB Forums for a look at how, as a BlackBerry Community we come together in a time of need.

In 2014 Dnivog was welcomed into the BlackBerry Exclusive Group with open arms and we were taken back about issues he was facing. Here is his story, in his words!

“I am only 15 years old. I used to own an iPhone 4s, I used it just for basic things, like calls, Facebook, WhatsApp and of course, Text Messages.”

“I didn’t have a need to use iPhone 4s much but After seeing the iPhone 5 Advert on TV, I was impressed and I went to buy it! At the store they said that there was a major problem with the iPhone 5, suffering damage which made them to stop selling iPhone 5 so I went home empty handed, sadly.”

“I saw another advertisement when I arrived home, the first thing I noticed was the Elephant from Tame Impala!, and the second thing, A New BlackBerry!, I hadn’t used a BlackBerry because my brother said that his BlackBerry is the worst phone ever!, I asked him why, he said ‘It has small screen, I have have to pay monthly’. Then I decided not to buy one.”

“After a few days, I went to a shopping mall and I saw a magazine, on it BlackBerry Z10! I fell in love with it so I bought it. The first time when I held it in my hands, it was like, ‘ The Real Flow';  ‘The Signature BlackBerry Experience’ which I was waiting for.”

 “After some months, I didn’t know how to update it, so I installed another blogging sites app, I soon learned how to, as i was new to BlackBerry back then I didn’t even know what BBM was, so I opened it, registered my BlackBerry ID, at this point I didn’t had any contacts on BBM, not even a single one, I invited all my contacts, and they loved it!”

“Then I discovered The Forums, and I learned about  BBM Channels! And joined Blackberry’s channel, The BBM Channel etc.”

“The very next day I discovered new contacts and new friends in BBM. Then, for so many months I’ve been discovering so many BlackBerry blogs and contacts. After many months, I discovered something different, UTB Blogs. It was a great time pass for me since it had lots of jokes, manly of an iPhone nature, along with that, all the news at my fingertips.”


“I got a huge problem, with my BlackBerry Z10, a fault that affected everything to do with my Z10! And even though BlackBerry tried their best to help me, I could not exchange because the warranty had expired, and I asked everyone I could about the issues I was having, they hadn’t seen such a problem, not even once! I was very disappointed.”

“It was also at that time when I came In contact with Ann Louise, a BlackBerry user which I really trust. She said that one person could help, then comes the hero of the story, Alan.”

“Alan is also a 100% #TeamBlackBerry, as everyone is. He tried to help me with my case, he did what he could. In between all of this, with my Z10, I discovered BlackBerry World, I got BlackBerry Beta Zone, I got a lot of apps for free which costs up to 5.99 USD in iTunes or Google Play Store, and my brothers were jealous of me having all the paid apps for free. I also became a Blogging Addict, within several months.” 

 “From the moment I started chatting with Alan, I knew that he is gonna help me find a way. And indeed, he did. He, with the help of his friends, appealed for help within the BlackBerry Exclusive Group, the group contributors donated money and decided to buy me a BlackBerry. And with the help of BlackBerry Exclusive UK Indian Administrator, I got a new BlackBerry Z30. I also wrote this whole article with my BlackBerry Z30.”

 “BTW, if I was using an iPhone or Android or Windows Phone, I would of used it just as a ‘Phone’ and nothing more. “

“It is BlackBerry which made me me productive like never before, it is BlackBerry which made me a Blogging Addict, it is BlackBerry which made this turning point in my life.”

“This article is not just an Article, I want this article to exaggerate the honest hearts of all those people who pulled me at this level. I request everyone who reads this article to thank Alan Ranson, Dick Lewis, Robert, Ray, Sheldon, Styleskey, Thomas, Luis Pires, Atmari, UTB Brad, Nikki Ranson, and also Ann  Louise for putting me in contact with such a great bunch of people within BlackBerry Exclusive UK. I’d also like to thank all those who helped me, encouraged me to stay with BlackBerry.”

So as you can see this is the true spirit of the BlackBerry Community, the support of the BlackBerry faithful. We have spoken with Dnivog in length during the last few weeks and his life has been changed dramatically by the nature and kindness shown by the BlackBerry community within BlackBerry Exclusive

We ask you all to look at this, follow the BBM channel and Twitter!

BlackBerry Exclusive Group is now working in partnership with UTB Blogs building a stronger community.

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