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Hub Browser – My favourite app

Hi folks, this is Santhosh with yet an article writing about my favourite app. Though it is very difficult to choose a particular app, I have managed to write about a particular app which I use the most.

It's none other than Hub Browser developed by Toby.

Hub Browser is a small app which opens link as cards inside any app.

So links can be opened anywhere in SMS, E mails or inside other apps.

Other features include:

  • Sharing links
  • Open the site in Browser
  • Design mode
  • Reader mode
  • Full screen mode
  • URL bar
  • Copy link
  • Shorten Link
  • Send to “BlackBullet”
  • Find on page

So it almost offers all the features of stock browser but in a card. One can close the app just by swiping towards right.

IMG_20150328_115710 (1)IMG_20150328_115719 (1)
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