I didn’t just choose it… I… felt it was right!

I choose BlackBerry because...

I didn't just choose it... I… felt it was right.

I was always a techie and I always wanted to try new techs and gadgets.

When I first picked up a BlackBerry, it felt made for my hand, as an extension of it!

Of course, in time and with BB10, it became much more than that.

It became a companion through BBM and all you guys and girls connected from all over the world.

My connection to family, whenever I'm out of home, for the clarity of the sound that makes me feel closer, not just talking.

It became my home and office when I started to live in the HUB, with everything at the distance of a swipe and a touch.

My playground, with all those great games to play…

My highway to the web with BB10s superb Browser.

It knows when I wish to be let alone (Bedside mode) or when I want to be everywhere with everyone at the same time (BBM, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc... etc... etc... all up and running at the same time! Or with fast replies in the HUB)

Became my memory whenever I tend to forget (Calendar, Remember, Evernote), my workplace out of the office (Docs to Go, BlackBerry Express), and my travel mate when needed (BlackBerry Travel)!

My music player every day with a superb sound quality!

My everyday point-and-shoot camera easily sharing my moments with those who mean more to me...

It became all this and much more, with the safety to know my info only gets where I want it to, and the peace of mind that the battery will last until the end of the day!

It really wasn't a choice... BlackBerry just fits me!

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