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Shaun Williams

Introducing BlackBerry Exclusive's Contributor

What's your name?
Shaun Williams
Do you go by a nickname?
How old are you?
How rude 😛 I'm 49
Where were you born?
Oxford, UK
Are you still living there now, If not where are you currently living?
No, i live in a Market town called Bicester
What is your marital status?
I'm luckily Single
Do you have any children?
Hell No, i don't think I would have the patience to have any.
Do you have pets?
Until January this year, i had a beautiful cat, his name was Simba, my little Lion King, but sadly he died.
Describe yourself in three words?
Passionate, creative and honest
Describe your day to day life in three words?
Work, rest and play, i'm just like a Mars Bar :}
What type of music are you into?
I love Jazz, Blues, Soul, RnB and club Music
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a chef
If you were stuck on a desert island name three things you couldn't live without?
My Awesome Z30, My Electric Blanket and my books.
What BlackBerry device did you start out with?
What BlackBerry device do you currently use?
Do you have a special talent?
I have loads lol But i did make my Sister's wedding dress and my brother in laws suit as a wedding present.
What are you passionate about?
I'm passionate about many things, Blackberry is up at the top, i hate all the lies and negative way, people love to rubbish a great company.
What do you do to contribute to BlackBerry Exclusive?
Well being a newbie i haven't yet but all i can say is watch this space.
What is your favourite native BlackBerry App?
Can i have 2? Twittly & Kloud Mix two awesome apps by two awesome Devs
Now tell us something about yourself that we don't know.
I was the British no 2 Inline Skater but don't skate much these days, i have to grow old gracefully, so they keep telling me.

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