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Time to engage with Stickers

BBM shop gets a pair of brand new sticker packs added. Among two, one is released by Satya Gumilang. Where the sticker pack holds Sibiru's expressive acts. This limited sticker pack shows what all can be said by a sticker  with no words nothing but expressing your state of expression.



The second one is of world's first female cartoon character, Olive Oyl. She's born for Cole and Nana Oyl and created by Segar, prior to Popeye character. But fame glued to Olive, after posing beside Popeye 🙂


This sticker pack will surely make people remember those olden days who enjoyed watching Popeye show. And now Olive Oyl comes along with Popeye to fill joy in a chat with your loved ones 🙂

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