Why did I choose BlackBerry ?

Why did Ngan choose BlackBerry?

I grew up in a small town in Vietnam. My parents worked hard and set me a good example of how to become motivated to do well at University. In my third year as an Electricity Engineering student I got my first cellphone which was a carrier phone. That carrier uses electricity lines to attach GSM data, and luckily for me at the time there was a promotion campaign with a reasonable price. It was about $20 at the time. In my student life I used my cellphone daily for SMS, Calls and my alarm.

After graduation from University I move to Ho Chi Minh, the biggest city in Vietnam. In 2009 I started to find out alot more about BlackBerry, that much so I loved the look of the BlackBerry 8700 and ended up buying a used one from a local store with $45. Since that very day I have never used anything other than a BlackBerry.

So, why did I choose BlackBerry?

Alot of people say they love the keyboard, they like the feel in their hand, the OS, Hot Keys etc. But I can't tell you why I chose BlackBerry then. Time after time, I realise that, it's not a choice, it's destiny.


The phone and wife can be found having some similar characteristics ( LOL ). You might find out the phone you like may have a lot of weaknesses. For BlackBerry, you can say that, it can send an email quickly but can not with a Facebook message. It can protect you but won't let you play hard..... And people may introduce you other phones which they believed to be over yours. But whatever it is, you are in a good mood being with your BlackBerry. That's all the thing that happened to me since 2009. I am always in a good mood and I have a big confidence when handing on a BlackBerry, not with a iPhone, or an Android phone, even my BlackBerry is just a 8700. Also, there maybe a lot of features on the phone and BlackBerry community that I was being earned, it may take me a days or more to tell you guys. I myself dont like iPhone, Android, Window phone but I dont blame them. They are all fine with people who like them and until anyone has a good reason for that.

Finally, I dont have the answer for the question why I made my choice, but I proudly to tell you about the reason to stay with BlackBerry. It makes me be myself all the time, and no other phone can do. That's it.



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