Why I choose BlackBerry ahead of all other phones?

Why did Santhosh choose BlackBerry?..

Hi, I am Santhosh Manikandan, doing Mechanical engineering from Chennai, India.

I am tech geek and love to use gadgets. My first phone was Nokia 700. It was a symbian device. I first was a fan of Nokia. But the sale of Nokia to Microsoft made me to change my mind.

I liked Nokia N9 which ran Meego Os. But I can't get it in my country. So I was looking for options. Then I saw BlackBerry Z10. I loved the OS. I liked the swipe gestures. Also the browser is super fast than any other competitor os. Not but not the least is the BlackBerry Hub. It's a place where you get all your text message and mails. Hub makes me more productive.

So there are many reasons which made me to select a BlackBerry phone.


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