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‎I've been inspired to write a short blog on the reasons I use and love my BlackBerry. I am a father and husband, I'm a very busy person dividing my time between work, study, hobbies and family. I work in Mental Health and love my sports, running, cycling, surfing and kayaking. Before owning a BlackBerry I'd used Nokia phones such as the N95, which was a brilliant little phone. And a few LG phones like the Viewty and the Optimus. Although I have had experience of Android and iOS too.

I had seen BlackBerry phones but was always concerned the little buttons were too small and that I'd never get on with it. Remembering an old Sony Ericsson phone I'd had with tiny buttons and I hated that phone with a passion. Anyway I digress, when the contract ended on my Optimus I went searching for a new phone, I'd seen the BlackBerry Bold and Curves on display before, so thought I'd try one and picked up the Bold 9780. Once in hand I loved the feel and how easy it was to type. The buttons although small were perfectly laid out and spaced, I hardly made a mistake when I messaged friends, but there was so much more to the phone, the little things like short cuts and the LED. I enjoyed using the phone and it never left my side, in fact I loved it so much, I started making the family use BlackBerry, BBM was the perfect way for us all to keep in touch too.

When BlackBerry 10 was released I had to try it. I had the Q10, wanted to try the Z30. My wife now has my Q10, I have the Z30 and my son the Z10. The love affair with BlackBerry, just continued and continues to grow with each new update.

What do I love about BlackBerry 10?

The ease of use, the hub is amazing.the best out of the box experience without the need to download apps. The keyboard whether virtual or physical is truly a work of art and so easy to use. I get a little upset when people put BlackBerry down without even using it, I do believe their thoughts are based on older BlackBerry OS. As old and not able to compete with ios and android. It is true I did begin to get frustrated and still do to an extent at the companies that fail to support what is a great platform. A friend of mine changed from Samsung Galaxy to a Passport on my recommendation and he loves it, best phone he has ever had he said to me. Only last week I took my son to Brighton for a university interview and we used Glympse baked into BBM to find each other when he finished, he was like wow that's so cool. I am still learning things and I've had my phone for nearly 18months and with the last update it was like a new phone again. I have used android briefly and also ios in the form of an ipod touch, but the keyboard is cramped and awful to use and multi tasking, pah! Forget it.

On Android I find it difficult to find my way round, things are not in the place they should be . But these are my opinions from my experiences. I have to say that I really want BlackBerry to do well, however when you see the myriad of people using their iphone's, galaxy phones, I know I am unique and don't follow the in crowd, I run my own race. There are a few things that I would change but to be honest they are minimal and will probably change as the OS evolves. There are no niggles or anything I have experienced so far. So BlackBerry keep up the good work, sell more phones, but not too many more eh!

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