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Alarms have always been part of our daily routines. From the moment we wake up in the the morning until the moment we sleep, they remind us throughout the day that it's time to go fetch the kids at school or to run to a meeting.  They are very useful and some people can just not live without them!

That's why, as a big alarm abuser, when I saw the "Talking Alarm"  application in BlackBerry World , I definitely wanted to give it a try!!!
So what's Talking Alarm ?
Talking alarm is very interesting alarm application that works exactly as you would expect from an alarm application PLUS some interesting options. Using Text-To-Speech  the alarm can read your upcoming events, read your favourite RSS feeds (like CNN News, BBC News, etc), give you a weather forecast and also read an extra note that you can add to your alarm!
Here is the list of features:
  • Wakes you up when you want it to
  • Reads your upcoming events
  • Tells you the weather forecast
  • Reads to you the latest news of your RSS source
  • Reads your extra notes
  • Select voices (Male or Female voice)
Another interesting feature  to mention is the "Talk only"  option. When activated, you alarm won't ring (as the normal alarm would). Instead it starts with the talking part of your alarm. So literally the phone will start talking to you when the alarm triggers !
Talking Alarm is available for download in BlackBerry World and cost $1.99
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