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I am writing this blog post because I wanted to share one of my recent experience with you all.  A few visitors to my blog also complain about the same issue I have experienced in the past 2 - 3 days.

I own a BlackBerry Q5 on the Vodafone network.  Yesterday I took my BlackBerry device off the charger and went into the HUB and I found an amazing new puzzle waiting for me there,  only Facebook and Twitter message was there and when I checked my text, emails and call logs, it says "No entries in this view".

Now before you start thinking about “accidental erased” let me tell you, it’s nothing like that.  Something similar happened to me a fortnight ago when I clicked on a day line instead of a single message that I thought I wanted and had pressed delete and the message I was trying to delete was if by magic still there, however everything else below was deleted.

But this time I was sure that everything was there before I plugged in my charger but when I took my device off charge nothing was there.  A visitor to my blog was asking me "Is there a way to get all of the lost data back?" I wasn't sure once we had lost it.

But prevention is better than cure, as we know in BlackBerry OS10 we don’t have restore options in BlackBerry Protect. But luckily BlackBerry provides us BlackBerry Link, just keep your device backup with BlackBerry Link or you can use 3rd party Backup application like ‘Ultimate Backup'.

Just make sure you keep your device backed up, after all it's helped me to restore sms and call logs and for emails I just delete accounts from ‘setting > Accounts’ and re-add, everything get back normal.

I am a big BlackBerry fan just like the rest of those that are members of BlackBerry Exclusive and I am grateful to share my experience with you all.

If any of you have solutions for this please share with us.

Rushi Pandya
Owner and Proprietor Mitraa Solutions
BBM Channel: Mitraa Solutions C00122ECF

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