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Perceptions Will Take a Bit Longer

Measuring brand perception can uncover a wealth of actionable information, including:

  • Customer perceptions: What do key audiences believe about your brand, and what feelings does your brand evoke?
  • Competitive marketplace data: What key aspects of your brand are more effectively “owned” by competitors, and are customers happy with competitor brands?
  • Brand performance: How does a brand drive purchase decisions for your most valuable prospects, and which brand aspects are driving loyalty, satisfaction, and re-purchasing?
  • Opportunities for differentiation: What makes you unique and how can you leverage those qualities to gain an advantage over your competitors in the marketplace?
  • Market share: What piece of the marketplace pie are you actually capturing, and how does your company rate in terms of overall awareness?

With these in-depth, customized brand perception measurements, it’s easy to assess your brand’s relevance, understand customer preferences, track your brand’s performance over time, and go head-to-head with your competition.

With the above in mind These are the perceptions of most Apple users

"Apple Is Cool"

BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Z3 Smartphone's Win a 2015 iF DESIGN AWARD

BlackBerry Z30 takes home 2014 Good Design award

"I like the simplicity of their products"

Blackberry 10 is the simplest OS on the market today. no home or back buttons, no double tapping the home button to see running applications with Blackberry it's a simple gestures and everything accessible from the Hub.

"Their advertising appeals to me, I feel like the company itself wants to be part of the people who buy their products where I don't get that with BlackBerry. I like the overall look of their products"

BlackBerry Devices are part of people, they help them get things done, it takes great pride in offering great security and vie coined this phrase before but Blackberry is like a Mars bar, it helps you Work and Play and yes BlackBerry needs to take a balance to make their devices to appeal to Enterprise and Consumer.

If their branding and marketing was better it would make a difference

The latest advert for the Leap is the best they have produced to date, it clearly shows what a Blackberry device can do but having said that it is geared towards Enterprise.

"Apple are impossible to ignore with their advertising"

BlackBerry is in transition they don't have the finatial clout that Apple has.

"Small, low resolution screen"

The Z10's screen size coupled with the resolution of 768x1280 gives the BlackBerry Z10 a higher pixel density: at 355ppi the BlackBerry Z10 beats the iPhone 5S with its score of 326ppi.

The BlackBerry Z30's screen. It's a 1,280 x 720 Super AMOLED panel that's five inches across

The BlackBerry Passport offers a unique 4.5” inch square screen with Full HD-class (1,440 x 1,440) resolution. It offers a similar viewing space to a 5” inch phone but offers an even better viewing experience because of the screen's width.

"No Apps"

Blackberry World has 130,000 Apps and Amazon App Store has 240,000 plus you can use other Android app stores.

Consumer perceptions are based on awareness. Carriers need to stock Devices in their showrooms, so people can touch, feel and play. The Tech Media needs stop their negative stories and App developers need to make apps available for Blackberry 10 and Blackberry needs to spend a little on marketing. With no media and carrier support, it's amazing that Blackberry have sold the amount of devices that they have. BlackBerry never went away. BlackBerry doesn't just need business they need Consumers as well.

Because once you go black you never go back.

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1 thought on “Perceptions Will Take a Bit Longer

  1. This is currently the one area BlackBerry is lacking ” Perception “,
    which is critical to their success.
    They certainly are leaders in terms of hardware, software and security.
    BlackBerry 10 is simply the best to be had.
    I wish I had the answer on how to open the eyes of all of the iSheep running around looking for the nearest charging outlet. If only they knew how truly superior and future proof BlackBerry 10 is.

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