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BlackBerry CEO John Chen says company’s reputation needs help

BlackBerry CEO John Chen says company's reputation needs help

BlackBerry's reputation hasn't recovered, despite financial gains, says Chen

John Chen has asked for help in changing Blackberry's reputation.

"One of the biggest things that I'm working and struggling with, that everybody here could help with, is our reputation," said Chen to a crowd of 400 people in Kitchener at an event hosted by the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.

"Not long ago, the company was in deep deep trouble. We are now out of trouble in terms of financial, but we haven't established a growth…until that happens nobody will go willingly buy our products."

I went into a few Network/Carriers shops today, what I saw was iphones and row upon row of Android devices with a few Windows phones and only in the business area of their showrooms I spotted a Classic.

"The reason I said everybody could help is, you need to tell people that BlackBerry not only has a strategy, it's no longer a troubled company. The sooner that message gets out and registers, the sooner we'll return to growth," said Chen.

As a BlackBerry user I'm getting tired of having to justify why BlackBerry is better, when people are brain washed by the media and the mobile networks.

"I think I was aware that that reputation had suffered a lot in the last number of years, but I think with Mr. Chen at the helm that there's a lot of hope," said John Weir from McCarter Grespan Baynon Weir Lawyers, which was the event's platinum sponsor.

"I'm a fan, I'm a big fan of BlackBerry, always have been and continue to be," said Paul Eichinger, chair of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce board of directors and vice president of MTE Consultant

"I think John Chen, I believe, told us and showed us how BlackBerry is renewing itself as a company and is well on its way towards success, and if BlackBerry continues on that path and is successful, than this whole region's going to be successful"

As a Blackberry users, we can only do so much, devices need to be in the networks shops, not hidden at the back, the staff should not be allowed to use their biased choice of their own devices.

The Media has got to stop telling their readers who look to them for advice, that BlackBerry is dead, for example

John Chen has said that Blackberry's focus is on enterprise not consumer, but my question is why does John Chen need help in building its reputation? Every enterprise customer is a consumer customer, we have some excellent Developers that are producing awesome apps, but BlackBerry is killing the support for them.

BlackBerry needs to have a focus both on Consumer & Enterprise, both go hand in hand. BlackBerry needs to be supporting developers. BlackBerry needs to inform people about BlackBerry 10 as people still thinks that its Operating System is BBOS. BlackBerry needs to spend some money on advertising the benefits of BlackBerry 10.

A advert on the lines of showing what a BlackBerry 10 can do, it's not about releasing a all singing all dancing device, inform, educate about what BlackBerry 10 can do. Then John we can start rebuilding BlackBerry's reputation.

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5 thoughts on “BlackBerry CEO John Chen says company’s reputation needs help

  1. I truly believe that BlackBerry NEEDS a marketing strategy. They have none.

    1. ADVERTISE the products
    2. Offer incentives to the salespeople in the carrier shops.

    That is truly all ot takes. It’s quiet simple.

    1. Agree. I’ve just recently become a BlackBerry user about two months ago, bought a Passport. Cool device. Totally unlike android and iPhone. Not cumbersome, practical, sturdy, smart os. Overall an impressive build of hardware and software. Especially with Blend in tow.

  2. Advertising! That’s what they need.
    Unfortunately word of mouth works more on the negative side than the positive. If they advertise, even if it’s confusing as the superbowl BB10 ad, it will make people understand that BlackBerry is alive. And might help pick people’s interest.
    As a BlackBerry user, whenever someone tells me BlackBerry is dead (or a similar comment) I have to explain how much better bb10 is. By “how much” I mean I have to talk a LOT! Because we know how better bb10 is compared to other OS
    Not every person has the time to explain so much when meeting a random person on the streets. And just telling them “it’s alive” or “it’s better than the rest” is not enough
    You have to actually prove it. A well made advertise would save us all that

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