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Carrier relations and BlackBerry

It sucks! ,that's it, plain and simple.

BlackBerry needs to pay the carriers more attention! Give them the information and / or the training required! , Webinar's wouldn't cost that much and the trainees wouldn't have to even to leave their homes! , They could be shown the ways of BlackBerry by BBM video also via BBM Meetings.

BlackBerry needs to prove that it isn't a old school phone company, to the phone reps and the consumers to get sales again, they were too slow in adapting to what the consumer wanted and they lost over 98% of its customers.

Apple and Google gave the consumers what they wanted and they bought it.

If only most knew what one could do with the 21st century BlackBerry, it is truly awesome, more secure than a prison. No one can get your info unless they got your permission, Security is of the up most and first concern to BlackBerry!

Then apps, which there is no more apps gap, with some of the several android app stores that you can download now.

The Amazon app store also comes with BlackBerry OS 10.3.1. All of the info that one needs is in the hub, pretty simple. No apps required. All in 1 spot. All you need to do is create a BlackBerry account like any other smartphone then you are on the world's smoothest and most secure OS in the world.

Just go to or go to your carrier to purchase your BlackBerry smartphone.

You will find yourself more productive than ever and then have more free time to do other things besides opening up lots of apps to do individual things. Have fun learning and exploring BB10. Once you go Black there is no going back.

So the message here is, Carriers and BlackBerry really haven't been getting along. BlackBerry has long suffered with delayed OS releases and the dismal support of hardware.

If BlackBerry took the time with the carriers to understand what BlackBerry phones are capable of, a little bit of support could vastly change the competition in the markets.

As you may of recently read BlackBerry and T-Mobile have patched things up and from May 13th T-Mobile will be selling the BlackBerry Classic. I think BlackBerry are trying to pull the carriers back in but peoples perceptions need to be changed.

Bear that in mind if you ever go into a Verizon Store; And I quote, "BlackBerry went bust didn't they?"

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