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Getting the Job Done with BlackBerry Blend

Are you a work at home parent?  Do you bring your work home from the office?

Now picture this,  you bring your work home from the office and your putting the final pieces to that amazing presentation you have been working on for the past six months and you get up to make a coffee and come back to find your three year old pretending to be mummy, sitting happily at your laptop with a massive cheesy grin on her face.

Aww how cute does she look, all small, sweet and innocent and then you think sh!t my presentation.  If by magic you can't find it, it's gone, disappeared!

What can you do?   But then not all is lost..... You have BlackBerry Blend... Phew!!!

Because the power of BlackBerry is extended to your computer and tablet through BlackBerry Blend, you have secure access to your work email, calendar and important files on any device without VPN.1 So much easier, so much faster.

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