Pebble Smartwatch

So you are thinking of buying a pebble, but not sure if it works with BlackBerry 10...... it does, here's how!

Download the Pebble app on snap or whatever android app store that you use if on bb10 phones.

Not sure if it works with 10.2 os,most of us are on 10.3.

It also requires to purchase talk to watch pro for it to work.

Once you download that then long click on twitter and type in the name and password then that will work.

BBM: They don't have the api so you have to type in the contact manually.When it shows up on the watch go to BBM and get the name of your latest BBM post then go to talk to watch, get the contact id, the number and put it on contact id, then the name where mentioned. Instructions are there how to setup the rest I just have BBM installed it is busy enough on my watch.

Before you do anything you have to setup a pebble account,it is free and then sync it to phone then do the above, have fun.

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