Do you need a RoadMap from BlackBerry ?

This what we are having today, may be you all know 🙂

From the day that BlackBerry10 had got out of the dark, still we relied on CrackBerry as most popular source for BlackBerry news, apps and leaks. Later on, BlackBerry has changed the way of doing business, also the way they contact with the world. More information was leaked out and more stuffs like rumors had become the hot stuffs for medias, forums, blogs and even BBM Channels.

Good point of this ? Well, BlackBerry users have no longer waste their time to wait and see the news that they want. Around the world, forum and blogs are doing their jobs to spread out all kinds of BlackBerry information. That is not phenomenon, but at least, it lets people know BlackBerry is on the way back, and also, if you look into page view for some of the famous blogs, you should recognize it as a huge attention from the fans, and we all know, there still a very big hug for BlackBerry out there.

On the other side, media is not kind enough sometimes. Likes, page views should be the target for those who need them on internet business.  Rumors and Leak should be a big opportunity for them to get the target done. Do you like to see Rumors and Leaks ? Do you know who will get the benefit from that kind of action ? I doubt it is not Blackberry.

So, do you think BlackBerry should have more clear information on what they are doing ?

I think it can be done simply by going with a Road-map for both hardware and software development, and keep it update with a reason. That will be a clear way for reducing rumors and leak info. But still, we are not having such beautiful information from BlackBerry.


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4 thoughts on “Do you need a RoadMap from BlackBerry ?

  1. I don’t necessarily need a road map, past my own desires I suppose. I would LOVE a Passport and may just have to change carriers to get one. I am on Verizon and was hopeful about a Verizon-compatible version; maybe a Passport 2. Also thinking that maybe the Slider maybe a device I may want. Impatiently waiting…

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