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Yet Again BlackBerry Saved My Sanity!!!

Well back in April 2015 I left my White BlackBerry Q10 behind and went for a Nokia Lumia 930 in Green I took it out because I fancied a change, plus it had an amazing 20 MP camera, perfect for taking photos of my children and it was in my favourite colour too.   At first I loved it and still to this day loved it however as time went on I missed the famous BBM Notification sound,  obviously over the years of loving and using my BlackBerry devices I had made some wonderful friends, friends that were genuinely nice people, those who didn't want to lose contact with me added me on Whatsapp or Facebook, which was great but after a lot longer it still didn't seem enough but I just got on with it as it were.

The Pro's of using a Nokia Lumia 930

  • Bright, well-built design.
  • Camera good in low light.
  • A good collection of Nokia Apps

The Con's of using a Nokia Lumia 930

  • Average battery life.  (Battery life is crap! I hated it! Could be charged over night but use it a few hours on and off during the morning of going for a long drive and I'd have to stick it back on charge for an hour to get it back to 100% before we went out!)
  • Comparative lack of apps and games.
  • No HDR camera mode.

Rolling over onto the BlackBerry Passport SE that I recently only got yesterday (6th September 2015) well all I can say is WOW!!!

To cut a long story short I had an operation back end of August 2015 and an operation that scared both me and the husband Alan too much and in honesty those that were actually bothering to find out how I was, compared to friends on social media and then there's BBM were my BlackBerry friends which made me, me a person who at times can become very anxious at times and get rather low and depressed at times when feeling so isolated realise that she didn't need facebook to communicate with so called friends or twitter, she would much rather have a chat with her buddies fully over on BBM!  Yes those on BBM should know who you are, and I'm sure they won't mind me saying their names after all they are apart of the gang over at BlackBerry Exclusive but they are:

My Husband! (yet he has no choice in the matter!) ....

Yes the names above kept me sane through my recovery from the op that went wrong via emails and whats app but it just didn't feel the same not being able to talk to them all at the same time on the BlackBerry Exclusive group.

A few days after my operation the husband showed me the BlackBerry Passport SE, him already owning the BlackBerry Passport and I was like wow me wants when my Nokia Lumia contract runs out but Alan being Alan was like bugger that, BlackBerry is the way forward, your more secure and more update on a BlackBerry than owt else and in all honesty I seem more happier while using a BlackBerry than other devices.  So a BlackBerry it was.

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The Pro's of using a BlackBerry Passport SE

Only used the BlackBerry Passport SE for less than 12 hours and already I'm finding it to be a simply stunning device.  As I stated in the post further up that I got diverted to a Windows Phone - The Nokia Lumia 930 back in April 2015 after previously owning the Z10 and the Q10 but after a time got bored with it and jumped straight for the Silver Edition Passport.  The Keyboard is amazing, Battery life so far is amazing compared to the Lumia, would of ended sticking that on charge round about now just to give it some extra battery power.   I love how all messaging and social media notifications are all in one place in the BlackBerry hub which in my opinion is simple, effective and down right powerful.

The Con's of using a BlackBerry Passport SE

Errrr.....The Con's.....Hang Fire for a Mo!.........None yet! Should there be? Maybe that's time for another post!

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5 thoughts on “Yet Again BlackBerry Saved My Sanity!!!

  1. I’m glad for a few things on this article!

    Being part of your friends circle

    Being part of your life

    Being part of bbe

    Last but not least
    Your return to the very best device on the market right now


    1. Thanking you kindly Rui! I feel right at home with my blackberrians lol! I’m thankful to have my worldwide friends in my device sort of speaking! It’s nice to be reconised not only as a BBM pin but as a person! The whole community of those in our group are lovely genuine people! I’m glad to be back!

    1. Me too the phone is amazing and now that I’m back on BlackBerry I’m wondering to myself why did I ever leave. The security on it is amazing! I had to go back to the Lumia yesterday to use the camera to take a few shots of my BlackBerry SE to show someone something, to compare with his SE and I struggled to use it. I kept swiping for the hub and the camera was in the wrong place and trying to email the photos across was a nightmare!

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