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Are You Excited About The Priv?

123aaaThe BlackBerry Priv showcases something we haven't seen in such a long time - a new and exciting BlackBerry Device that people are taking notice of and most importantly interested in. The Priv has even got normal people interested and not just Business Executives and Businesses looking to order in bulk for their employees.

Everywhere I look there it is, in it's full glory all over social media from Facebook to Twitter, Emails to BBM Channels. The BlackBerry Exclusive group, who let's face it say it how it is, they don't hold back on what they think and we are all waiting on the edge of our seats to find out what all the hype is.  So I decided to do some research via my BBM Contacts and BBM Channels and this is what I was told from various sources.  Feel free to add your own in the comments section below.

The Views of BlackBerry Owners:

"The app gap is no longer and a secure android, something new!" - Alan (@alanranson)

"it's simple, a phone that has it all :), no compromises" - Michelle (@Ibelieveandlove)

"Who needs a computer? The Priv - Security and Privacy for Work & Life!" - Nikki (@NR070315)

"Shape, camera, better battery, another new BlackBerry" - Ian (@thedjfra)

"My #PRIV is on it's way and I can't wait. As an exec in healthcare, security and privacy are my 1st priority!" - Jesse (@bdj8765)

"BlackBerry Priv the idealistic of what android smartphone should be". - Christina (@mzceetee)

"At first I was disappointed in not seeing a BB10 variant. But this device is unique. It incorporates a clean vanilla Android with my favourite parts of BB10 such as the Hub and the touch-sensitive keyboard like on the Passport. I like what BlackBerry has done to Android and I'm excited for it!" - Ann (@AnnLouiseWinter)

"I love my Passport but pre-ordered and am really excited to get my Priv. I use a number of Android apps on BB10 but think they will run much smoother on Priv. I don't know if it will be a toy or my primary device but now that BlackBerry has secured an Android device, it's very exciting both personally and for BlackBerry" - Sheldon (@sheldonbk)

So what are your views? Are you excited? Are you sitting on the fence? Comment below! If you want a comment posted along side ours, tweet us @BBExclusiveUK

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