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Let’s cover the entire world!

"Let's cover the entire world!"

If your anything like me, find it hard to meet new people or are too busy with busy schedules and not enough time go out and meet new people then you need to download Marco Gallo's App Air Messages from BlackBerry.

This brilliant app from Mr Gallo allows you to explore the world like a game, meet new people and swap BBM pins, start discussions and find out about other places in the world without ever having to own a Passport (The paper kind!) to leave the country!


If your a business then the NEW: Air Messages Advertise Program lets you promote your business with custom pins and messages across the globe, you can request the Advertise Program within the app by clicking info in the top right hand corner.

The prices are as follows:

29 USD / 18.91 GBP for 15 days which includes sponsorship with custom pins, custom messages and a privileged position.


So how do you use it?

When you open the Air Messages App you come to a screen that has the world map on it, and my main screen on my BlackBerry Passport SE is hovering over the North East of the United Kingdom.



You can see from my screen shot that there are easily a few hundred messages flying around the globe right now, you can zoom in and out too to see even more.  Now this is where the fun begins, you can click on any of the BlackBerry speech bubbles and start connecting.

Now I zoom in on the United Kingdom to start with and up in Glasgow I find one with the name DJFra which is funnily enough one of my closest friends on BBM, which I'm sure he won't mind joining in! So I have three options Pick, Throw, Chat, Report.  So I press Chat and send him a Message and wait for his reply.

But you can send messages to loads of people and connect with them and then if you find you have something in common and want to talk further you can swap BBM pins.

So if this app sounds like something you would be interested in for personal or business purposes then get yourself over to BlackBerry World and start making connections.

BlackBerry World - Air Messages by Marco Gallo

I'd love to know what you think to the app if you have already got it and if you haven't when you have tried it out I'd also like to find out what you think.

Comment below!




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