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The Signature BlackBerry 10 Experience!

I have been asked from Julian Tessmann, TMC Devs to review his fully customisable app and of course I would jump at the chance, I love photo and customisable apps.

BProfile is a free app that lets you customise your profile picture with BlackBerry 10 Style Text-Block.  You have two options where you can either take a new photo with your camera or use an existing photo from your photo albums on your device.  You can then add text upto 12 characters, add some symbols and drag them to where you think it looks perfect and don't forget to save it too.

The finished image will be 500 x 500px, so it's perfect for all your favourite social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, BBM profile and other avatars on other sites too.

See below all the amazing options you have right there in your disposal.

  • Built for BlackBerry
  • Create stunning Profile Pictures for BBM, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Add/Change Text
  • 5 Colour modes available
  • 3 Box sizes available
  • Set your own colour for Text and Box separately
  • Set the Box-Transparency
  • Hide TextBox completely
  • Customize for Font.
  • Add different Symbols
  • Add BBM Emotions
  • Add Flags
  • Buy more symbols to support us!
  • Move Textblock / Symbols around with your finger
  • Change picture on the fly
  • Share Pictured direct into BProfile from Share Menu
  • Automatic Image rotation based on EXIF Data
  • Picture size will be 500x500 to fit Profile-Pictures

This is one neat little app, and I even had a go our Angry Bird toy that Alan won on holiday last year!  Whaddaya think?

Get yours here, the BProfile app that is not the Angry Bird!!!!






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