BlackBerry Has Failed Me by Hernan

I just don't like Android. It is far inferior to the productivity power house of BB10 Os. The BB10 file manager, Wifi/ bluetooth/ screen sharing, peek hub, BBM video calling, Blend,It is fast, smooth and most important, it is privacy secured.

I feel BlackBerry has abandoned me‎, I have bought 2 Z10s, Two Z30s, and one Passport SE because of BB10 and because I wanted to help BB and yet Chen has made the latest BlackBerry, the Priv with android and no BB10. I am very disappointed. BlackBerry has failed me.
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2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Has Failed Me by Hernan

  1. I’m glad you said it. I love BlackBerry but wouldn’t speak I’ll of it. I have however decided not to get the Priv because I have tried Android before and it didn’t work for me. But my silence is not helpful as I love BB10. Not as a brand but as a tool that help me got my work done. So I feel the same. BlackBerry did fail me. But for now I have two BB10 devices and I’m going to use it until it doesn’t want to power on anymore. After that if there is not new BB10 device I don’t know where to from there.

    1. I can completely related to you, I love BlackBerry 10 and will continue to use my BlackBerry Passport SE until it dies, whether that’s a year or two from now or 6 years down the line! I personally don’t feel android is or can be as secure as BB10! If BlackBerry don’t bring out any new BB10 devices in the future, I’m not sure where to go from there, as I refuse to use anything else, and especially not an iPhone!

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