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I’m 50/50 on the BlackBerry Priv by Nikki

Last night I put out a Broadcast to my BBM Contacts with the question "What are your feelings now that BlackBerry have gone Android with the latest device, The BlackBerry Priv?” and I got a few responses such as We asked a question of the blackberry community and we got an answer shortly followed by Birth of the Blackberry Priv the death of Blackberry? and Feelings on BlackBerry by DJFra

Those responses were how our team and BlackBerry Exclusive BBM group felt in regards to the BlackBerry Priv.

Me I'm 50/50 purely because I'm apart of #WeAreBlackBerry and #TeamBlackBerry and the fact I'm not sure on how Android can be as secure just like the BB10 OS.  That is my main worry I like to be protected and secure, and although they called it the Priv for Privacy, I'm not too sure.   I know the husband has one, and don't get me wrong it's a beautiful device, they did good! But I think it's just the android thing I can't get over at the minute.  I think personally if I had one for myself, which I don't want, I want to see what other devices they bring out and what improvements they make to OS but for now I'm currently happy with my BlackBerry Passport SE.

I woke up today to find a few more emails in my inbox and a few adds on BBM expressing their opinions too, a few are already added to the site which can be found here:

BlackBerry Has Failed Me by Hernan

BlackBerry Priv by Ivan

Remember I'd still love to know what you think! You have until Midnight 30th November 2015 to have your say on BlackBerry Exclusive before we get into the Christmas Spirit BlackBerry Style!

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