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Apps of the Week by Nikki!

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Photo Studio

This cracking little app for me is brilliant, I own my own channel that is set to private to share my daily life as stay at home mam of three that is mainly for friends and family to see how we are getting on in a secure and safe environment.  Photo Studio makes my photos look even better and offers a ton of features that we unfortunately don't have within the native BlackBerry 10 editing options.  With this cool little app we have filters, effects, transformations and the list goes on and on.  This version is FREE and although it has a Pro Edition it's still amazing!  I love how I can share my results straight within the app to iGrann, BBM Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Text Message, Bluetooth, NFC, Quick Post and so many more thanks to the amazing BlackBerry Hub.

Get your own Photo Studio App here: Download for Free


When I first used this app it was for helping me share photos of my little ones and sharing straight to Facebook, saves me having to log into Facebook and have to put up with all the nonsense that you find on there nowadays, plus from a parent's point of view I don't feel it's secure.  Whereas with a BlackBerry you are! I now mainly use iGrann for the BlackBerry Exclusive Instagram account - Feel free to follow us @bbexclusiveuk.  Now while this isn't an offical Instagram app for BlackBerry 10 that hasn't stopped the lovely BlackBerry 10 developers trying to develop one for BlackBerry 10.  With iGrann you can view your timeline, upload photos, like, comment and the best thing I love especially for the BlackBerry Exclusive account is to ReGrann posts from fellow BlackBerry users.  However it doesn't have the native Instagram filter but hey you can use Photo Studio's before uploading to add filters and affects.

Get your own iGrann App here: Download for Free

Quick Post

If you are anything like me, a social media addict, no matter how hard you try step....away but fail miserably and are sick to death of having to type out what you want to say on all your social media accounts then why not download Quick Post.  Why you ask?

With the help of this amazing at the small price of 75p (USD $1.13) which integrates all the accounts on your BlackBerry 10 device.  You can post to BBM, BBM Channels, BBM Groups, Twitter, Inst10, Blaq, Facebook, iGrann & iGrann Pro, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Weibo, Trapeez (Tumblr client) and you can even push to BlackBerry Remember. Great for when you want to share a link with everyone and I mean everyone.

Get your own QuickPost App Here: Download for 75p

Do you use any of these apps yourself, let us know here and on the channel

I will be back with another three apps next week with my favourite apps of the week!

If you would like me to do a review on a particular app then let me know by commenting below or on the channel!

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