Bye Bye BB10 and Hello Android?

I hate to say it but is it Bye Bye BB10 and Hello Android?

Since the launch of the BlackBerry Priv I've heard a lot of feedback from those who have the BlackBerry Priv, good and bad!  I wasn't 100% sure on how I felt myself from it leaving BB10 to go to Android.  I think my main concern was, is it still as secure as BB10?  Could I personally get away with moving to BlackBerry Android if they stopped making BB10 phones?  I still don't know the answers to my questions, however with my sidekick (aka the husband) who has recently sold his BlackBerry Passport (Black) and gotten the BlackBerry Priv maybe in due time we between us can work out those burning questions.

When all the rumours were flying Twitter, BlackBerry Blogs and Google about an Android-powered handset from BlackBerry, myself and many others were wondering whether the company would be abandoning their own OS to jump to a rivals platform.  Well now that the Priv has landed in many households over the world (a nice early christmas present, if you ask me!?!!), I do believe the answer to that is a firm YES!

In my opinion you gotta go with the times really, to continue on in business and in life, you gotta keep coming up with new and inspiring ideas.  Take a look at apple, their recent tv commercial here in the UK - iPhone 6s - The Only Thing That's Changed Is... There right nothing much has changed, who wants to stay the same and follow the crowd, personally it's all about individuality and standing out from the crowd surely and that's what I feel BlackBerry are doing.

Plus in another point, if they go to Android then there would surely be more BlackBerry's in carriers shops as at present you don't see them, the only place is Carphone Warehouse online (Don't get me started on them though), people are amazed when they see BlackBerry 10 devices, I mean come on even yesterday I had a member of the school staff asking me what's that? (referring to my BlackBerry Passport SE) Is that a computer in your handbag?  My response was No, it's a BlackBerry, After all you can't run a business from an iPhone!

So is it Bye Bye BB10 and Hello Android? Or are BlackBerry going to be the first ones to be lucky enough to be running two OS's?  I'd love to hear what you think in the comments section at the end of this post.

So I will end the post with 5 reasons why the BlackBerry Priv could be the best business smartphone of 2015!


Top 5 Reasons!

Everyday BlackBerry

Yes they have opted for an Android OS, but the BlackBerry Priv hasn't forgotten it's BB10 roots. The Priv brings on board: The BlackBerry Hub, BB Messaging and the BB Calendar.

Everyday Android

BlackBerry went over to Android because it has the biggest market share in mobile, with more Android users. There's the Google Play Store, Maps and default Android apps that have been there already for the past few years.


BlackBerry not only talks the talks, but walks the walk considering it recently left a county whose government wanted it's communication monitored.

The Best of Both Worlds

It has a keyboard. Since the HTC the Priv is the only mainstream Android Smartphone to have a physical keyboard, one which is inherited from BB10. It also features a proper keyboard so you can view the whole screen for work and leisure purposes.

A Luxury Device (Dear Santa I have been good!....)

BlackBerry haven't been known for being building and designing luxurious devices right? The BlackBerry Passport had mixed opinions on it due to it's size and shape etc and previous models weren't really that impressive (previous to my Silver Edition Passport I had a White Q10 and a White Z10) but the Priv seems to stand out from the crowd more with it's practical features, such as the keyboard, with aesthetically pleasing, functional ones like its 2.5D curved screen.

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