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Hello friends looking around life we find new innovative idea's & when it comes to tech BlackBerry is at its best.

Since they launched newest version of blackberry messenger with most of advanced features including some super cool features - Channel's, Glympse, Video & Voice Calling & Stickers .........


When we look at mind blowing ad expenses by corporate honchos we always feel the pinch of expensive product value due to spends., finding new way's to reduce such expenses is must for such brand's.

Decoding the Blackberry Messenger service's offered two of main such features reflect chances & options to monetize it.

Blackberry channels :-which are super cool way to showcase latest products & services BlackBerry should levy some good fee & make this feature a selling point to attract more companies worldwide making the advertising sector hot.

BlackBerry Stickers :- Another great feature of blackberry messaging is stickers, lot of them have popped with less of freebies & more of payable. Sticker club is a innovative concept but has limitations of users. If blackberry can focus in here pushing for more of brands like movie studio's,softdrinks,online shopping portals,consumer durable,apparels,services,automobile,airlines & much more..... trust me this stickers would serve as a booster for such company sales‎ by continous hammer in daily usage.

BlackBerry can again by integrating stickers & channel's as in combo can make good bucks.

Worldwide online shopping is at $1.47 trillion & growing every day, let blackberry take some benefit knowing of its unique feature with continuous growing base of it messenger services from 80 million to now 200 million users active daily & increasing with cross platforms now in place.

‎Global online sales at record high & at such time blackberry can definitely make some pie of it if focused in righteous manner.


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