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Gone are the days where your only way of communication was a landline telephone connected to the wall.  In this day and age we have smartphones and without them I think we can all agree, we would be lost without them, they are handy for keeping in touch with friends and family all over the world and with our busy daily schedules whether that be working or a stay at home parent looking after the kids and the home.  We like to call our friends or send them a WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking apps on our BlackBerry 10, but what happens when you stick your phone on silent and then forget?

Surely a smart and funky notifier would be amazing, right?

With the amazing app from Hugsoft called Flashcaller, which you can download here for as little as £1.50 ($2.26) and with this neat little app it can do the following:

1) Strobe Effect for camera flash when you get incoming call

2) Change camera flash speed from very slow to ultra fast

3) Front Led flash on incoming call

4) Change front led color on incoming call

5) Vibrate when call connected on incoming call

6) Vibrate when call disconnect on incoming call

7) Vibrate when call connected on out coming call

8) Vibrate when call disconnect on out coming call

9) Change Bright or Dark theme

10) Change other color for interactive look

11) Secure with password so that no one change your defined settings

12) Native cascade

App Requires Permission:

Camera - For Flash

Phone - To watch for incoming calls

Run in Backgrounded

LED Control - To blink the front LED

BBM- To connect BBM and share which others

NOTE: App will not flash if other video / camera apps are open. It will crash and restart automatically.

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