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Japan still has its BlackBerry Life

From my business trip to Japan 2 months ago, I hoped to have a successful trip with my new company which located in here. Without a BlackBerry, I was foreseeing a non-interesting days ahead. But now, it is surprisingly changed into a interesting way.

I was handed an iPhone 5 as my work phone and using it purely for calling, facetime (my first experience) and not forgetting emails which I hated.  The only good thing it is good for is searching for cheap stuff on Ebay.  I felt like something was missing, I didn't want to put BBM on the iPhone however I was missing my BBM friends and plus I have 2 channels that I run on it and they needed updating.

Then it hit me BlackBerry is still alive here in Japan.  I have three people on BBM from Japan and I have been able to communicate like I once did on the BlackBerry.  My plan is to go to Nagoya next to meet one of them and chat more about BlackBerry.

Back to the old day, Japan started their friendship with BlackBerry via Docomo carrier by presenting 8707 model, world edition. The BlackBerry Electron was hot until today in some countries, like VietNam for collectors because of his looks, solid body, fanstastic trackwhell and yes, the keyboard is phenomenon. I go to a auction website here and see many models are being sold. That is not much like Amazon, ebay in USA, Canada or UK, but at least, we can see BlackBerry is having its good job here.

No matter how the company changing its way to find money, the can not change the love we save for it. If you have change to go somewhere outside your country, let take a look slowly and patiently, you will find a little fire still burning endlessly, it is called BlackBerry.

Ngan in Hamamatsu, Nov 04, 2015

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