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Is BlackBerry Dumping BB10 for Android in 2016?

2016 will be an all-Android year for BlackBerry's new devices.  BlackBerry plans to release one new product and potentially a second device this year.  CEO John Chen confirmed this in an interview at CES in Las Vegas.

It's hard to take in personally and for other die-hard BlackBerry fans, a worldwide loyal community of users.  However BlackBerry will continue to exist, but won't offer any phones running on its own BlackBerry 10 software.

John Chen himself also hopes that the BlackBerry Priv will help improve the company's viability by repairing the band and eventually in due time produce another device running BlackBerry 10 - although he said at this moment in time it's too early to discuss the plans.

I personally don't like Android devices, I think it has something to do with the security and privacy I value on my BlackBerry Passport SE, plus although my daughter has one, which is mainly just for playing games on and is supervised etc (As I do worry about security and privacy etc after all I am a parent!).  Trying to use the daughter's phone is a right pain in the behind,  I find myself swiping and using BlackBerry gestures and they don't work and I'm grrr why won't it work, oh yeah it's an Android durr.  For me if this is the way forward for BlackBerry I'm not sure I could get away with it being Android.  I know my husband and founder of BlackBerry Exclusive has a Priv and although I've had a little go on it, it doesn't have me wanting one.

Source: Cnet

What are your views on Android powered BlackBerry devices?

Could you get away with using an Android powered by BlackBerry device?

Sound off in the comments below with reasons!


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7 thoughts on “Is BlackBerry Dumping BB10 for Android in 2016?

    1. I hope this isn’t the case either! I mean all I’ve known for the past few years has been the BB10 OS and I feel confident and safe on it, If they go Android completely I will use my Passport SE till it doesn’t work no longer etc but if it ever came to that then I would feel lost! My BlackBerry gets the job done, an iPhone / Android device can’t IMO

  1. I will be getting a Verizon Priv I’m sure, mainly just to say I have one. I’m sure my Passports will remain my go to devices for both work and personal use. I have an S6 now that I only use for service at home.

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