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2016 Is Here : Let’s Start Bringing This Forum To Life!

As a BBM Channel owner of two channels, both BlackBerry Exclusive C00305138 and SensaStyle C0046F1C6, I woke up to find I couldn't see my subscribers and the first thing two things they sprung to mind were either a server problem or Chen has decided to drastically get rid to save money perhaps!

So..... Funnily enough a few days ago I posted on the channel, "Something New, Coming Soon" and trust this to happen with BBM Channels this morning, I am going to be giving you something new, but what I'm giving you isn't what I was referring to the other day, so still sometime to wait for that one.  However we at BlackBerry Exclusive have created an online community on our website which can be found here!  

We will still be running the channel but for even more interaction and more than 400 characters feel free to join in with our live discussions over on the forum.  Yes there isn't much about at the moment but once we have more people using it the better it is for all of us, so come on you 805 subscribers, come and join our second home, just incase as a fall back BBM Channels decides to remove itself from our devices and jumps only on the Android wagon.  I'd personally hate to have all your lovely 805 subscribers chatting daily on the channel and then channels disappears and so do we.  At least if we register for FREE and join in the conversations there too, we always have something to fall back on.

So join today and lets start bringing this forum to life!

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