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Goodbye Facebook, Hello Face10!

So Nemory has done it again, made yet another native app for BlackBerry 10!

In the past 6 months I've rarely really used Facebook if I'm honest, mainly one because the Facebook is cr*p and two because I use it to promote BlackBerry Exclusive and my Fashion Store, but that's about it!  I was having to use the Browser because the main Facebook app never knew what it wanted to do, I suppose it's a bit like the BlackBerry Priv (but that's another post, another time!).  I was getting so sick of having to boot up my laptop to update my two pages instead of using something as simple as an app on my BlackBerry Passport SE and now I can with the help of Face10.

I support BlackBerry 10 and the developers just like Oliver Martinez who develops amazing apps for use BlackBerry 10 users! He doesn't work for BlackBerry or Facebook, he just loves the BlackBerry platform just like many of us do, so if your like me and you run your own business, get yourself along to BlackBerry World and download his app, show him your support and help us continue to grow.  I personally think this app is great. I immediately upgraded to the pro version to show appreciation and support for the Nemory.

Nemory has really put the time and effort into this to make it such a seamless app which amazing features.  I'm loving how you can change the theme colours to several different colour options, but the bonus for me has to be the dark theme.  I don't know what it is with BlackBerry 10 devices I just love the dark themes.  I also love how when viewing my profile, he has even managed to get the bbm style icons in across the bottom which includes: Newsfeed, Profile, Messages, Notifications, Friend Requests, Friends.  Which you can also find these options along the overflow too.

The native BlackBerry 10 Facebook app, which to be brutally honest is on it's last legs, considering it hasn't been updated since June 2015 and is old and boring, I'm loving the new Face10 from Nemory Studios.

If you have downloaded the app, then comment below with what you love about it and don't forget to follow Nemory too

BBM Channel (Nemory Studios) C00429168

Let him know Nikki, from BlackBerry Exclusive sent you over.


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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook, Hello Face10!

  1. Great review! Fully agree the Face10 is just awsome if you use Facebook! Would also mention the Messenger app also from Nemory dev works also great and fully integrated with face10. . Awesome work from this devloper for 10OS

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