Just10: Pull Out Your BlackBerry. Have I Got An App For You?

Well I have to say that I'm impressed with this little private social media network called Just10.  The husband was the one who showed me this neat little app.  As a mother of three young children he knows that I value my security and privacy, however there are a lot of friends and family that like to see my children grow up over on social media, purely because they don't live local to meet up often or they live overseas.  As a parent I do worry about sharing photos of my little ones etc.  I have been deliberating whether or not to leave Facebook for personal worries of my children's photos being downloaded or shared, but I came up with using the BlackBerry Story Maker app on my BlackBerry Passport SE.

However for those that don't have a Story Maker app on their device such as ios, Windows, Android etc and are a mother or father and worry about their children's photos being publically viewed from friends of friends (ie like on Facebook!) then Just10 would be perfect for you.

Just10 is currently available to download on Android, ios, BlackBerry 10 (Globally) and soon to be Windows mobile and a desktop app too!

Why should you download this app you ask? Read below to find out more:


After getting to know the CEO & Founder of Just10, Fred Ghahramani who, like me a parent and obviously quite prefers his privacy too, compared to being snooped on created Just10 with the help of his team:

Daniel Kwok (Project Manager) and Emily Chew (Art Director), Fred Ghahramani created Just10 which is a full service social network complete with profiles, group messaging, reactions, and multi-platform native support including Web, Android, iOS, and Blackberry10.  Which is of course all free of advertising or third-party tracking software (BONUS!).  Unique to Just10 is the concept of 'Meactions' which is different to your standard social media "Like" button.  With 'Meactions' you can upload your  photo in different expressions (for example with your thumb, or any other finger, pointed up or down, or a photo of your face angry or smiling etc) and use these personalized images to react to posts by friends.

This amazing little app was created by privacy advocate and technology entrepreneur Frederick Ghahramani (who recently made the headlines on the 14th October 2015: Entrepreneur donates $1 million to fight anti-terror law C-51) .  Mr Ghahramani says his goal is to build a product that will educate users to cherish and value their privacy.

“I had the good fortune of getting all my prepubescent sophomoric pranks and political mistakes out of my system before the Internet was so prolific” Ghahramani tells Crackberry. “My children’s generation unfortunately doesn’t have that luxury – as virtually all they do online will eventually be analyzed by everyone from future hiring managers, university admissions officers, to advertisers—and that’s just sad.”

When Mr Ghahramani decided to include the BlackBerry 10 platform for the original launch, he cited the fact that BlackBerry was his preferred platform of choice, and that from his experience, The BlackBerry Classic appears to be the choice of CEO's these days.

“Presidents, Directors, CEO’s, people in highly visible public roles – we all have personal opinions and want to vent to our friends on social media too, but all too often it’s difficult to express ourselves online for fear of those ideas being misunderstood or misquoted at a later date.”

One recent example cited by Ghahramani was the case of Peter Kiss, CEO of Morgan Construction: Alberta CEO faces backlash after vowing not to hire UBC, Queen's grads because of protests.  The CEO was forced to publically apologize, and claimed that he would be “taking a break from social media”.

“When I heard that,” smiled Ghahramani, “I just thought – no mate, pull out your Blackberry, have I got an app for you!”

Now I am going to leave you with Just10's campaign video, which I had to share with you all!

Just10 Funny Campaign Video: Confessions of Sarah (woman oversharing her sex life)

Don't forget to download the Just10 here: Download Now

Also follow Just on Twitter @just10inc

For more information check them out here





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    1. You are very welcome with this! In all honesty I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s great it notifies you when a friend in your list has either commented on something you have posted or if they post something new, without the hassle of all the adverts and random stuff people post, have those that matter most in your feed and it’s perfect!

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