Why I Chose BlackBerry OS 10

Why did I choose BlackBerry 10?...

There are a lot of reasons as to why and here below are just a few:

  • BlackBerry 10 is Efficient: It allows me to get what needs done and is smooth, effective and fast.
  • The Hub: The hub is amazing for keeping my E-Mails, BBMs, Facebook and Twitter all in one place, not having to worry if I'm in my favourite apps.  I'm loving the peek and swipe gesture that allows me to return to the hub from any app I'm currently in or from the homescreen it's self.

I have the BlackBerry Passport AT&T version and on it I have over 200+ apps from Face10 for Facebook, Blaq for Twitter and Weather Underground for Weather.  There are plenty of other apps I personally use which I haven't mentioned how I use them all and in all honesty we would be here all day if I was to reel themes off.

My go to app is of course BBM as it allows me to chat with family and friends, and being able to easily share things from photos to videos and securely is ideal.  I also love BBM group chats too, they are really cool allowing me to chat like minded people.  Sharing what matters most is very fast and easy to do with a simple few clicks to share to websites, BBM, Twitter and Facebook is efficient.

I have however used other operating systems from ios, Android, Windows and even Linux OS and personally for me these OS's, just can't do what I (and many others feel) can do on BlackBerry 10 OS!!!

My passport is my daily driver device. Now I still use my window 10 desktop for certain things.. but that's not to often I need to use it.. maybe one day I'll give the priv a run and I'll do a article on my experience with it. But for now my love is blackberry 10 - I hold it deeply to my heart it's truly a wonderful operating system..

And this why I love blackberry 10!

What do you love about BlackBerry 10?

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