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BlackBerry 10 is a Lifestyle, a Fashion, not only a Phone!

BlackBerry 10 is going to die ? No!

Oh did someone say that ? No, it is just my question, and I force myself to find an answer.

A year already and people started to raise that kind of question. They started to be confused for what happen with bad sale reports. They started to be disappointed with less supports for developers, apps and eco-system. They start to praise Android OS since BlackBerry Priv came out, and that was when, they started losing their true love for an unique, powerful and immortal OS.

Since the sale reports are not good enough to make the phone maker to be alive, they have a very smart and reasonable choice to go with what they are good at. These are exciting years with many security enhancement and enterprise mobility solution. The core value and strength has been added, the scope is wider with IoT and embedded application. That what we are all know as business's needs.

But why these things does not come along with a better devices and OS 10 ?

Simply, BlackBerry should not do it. You may said that I am not a BlackBerry fan to say that. But honestly, there is something strange that we keep doing things year after year when it can not bring us any profit. That is not smart, not reasonable and the truth is that, business does not act like what the love does. You need to do somethings else, change the direction, make new products, new relationship, hire better staffs and build new business models. BlackBerry does care about true blood fans, but we can not help indeed.

There are many ways you can imagine that you think it can be good for BlackBerry. Yeah, I agree that we are smart sometimes, but we can not decide any thing except BlackBerry itself, that sound natural and obvious to me.

So what will stay forever that BlackBerry has brought to us ?

No doubt that BlackBerry has so much good things beside the BlackBerry 10 devices and OS. I never thought that today I has been encountering to such a lovely, exciting and unique community. People from around the world live in the common flatform, breath the same BlackBerry air, and feeding the developer teams. I am not good at enjoying other flatform smartphones, but I am sure there is no crowd like us.

So, I am very happy to what BlackBerry has done so far. Whatever happen to the brand, I wish it lucks and success. BlackBerry 10 still exist in every single devices which had been sold out, and in every BlackBerry users like me. That is a life style, a fashion, not only a phone !



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4 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10 is a Lifestyle, a Fashion, not only a Phone!

  1. Yup we don’t care about apps just about the services that blackberry has supplied to us for the past 20 years.BBM is the most superior messenger around,peorid.

  2. Nice words, and its truth in fact. I simply cant imagine what other device to pick, to meet functionality and design of my OG PP. It is just perfect, no matter what!

  3. Bought and used as daily drivers the 3 times Z10 1broke but one damaged but still works of WiFi but great phone… Two Z30 one for my girlfriend she still uses it and it was the sadist when it got stolen possible my favorite blackberry of all time and still relevant . Then the passport you can not get this phone off me I practically replaced my laptop! So I bought one Priv to try out it is on Android which is buggy but for £600 for both phone and case I paid for the privilege. Android does not provide a consistent user experience no matter what device you use the priv is a decent phone but what it is not is a 5 days out 7 laptop substitute

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