Copy local contacts from BB10 to Gmail

Everyone knows the situation: We have many or all contacts locally on our smartphone and want to transfer to another phone or simply save only a backup to the cloud. But how?

There are many providers and possibilities to offer this. We would like to explain this with reference to a Gmail account.

Step 1: setting up the account on the BlackBerry 10 device

When setting up the account, it is important that the contacts are synchronized with. It should therefore be dispensed with the advanced setting method. Instead, the Auto Setup is recommended here.

Step 2: Disable automatic merging of contacts

For BlackBerry OS 10, the default setting for the merging of contacts is activated. However, there are problems when copying linked contacts (especially Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), so the function should be deactivated and merged contacts should be separated again.

Step 3: Selected contacts Copy

Since I have not saved any local contacts on my BlackBerry, I create a new contact.

After the contacts have been copied to Gmail, the contacts can be viewed and/or edited on all devices connected to Gmail.

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6 thoughts on “Copy local contacts from BB10 to Gmail

  1. Wow, such a wonderful tip. Thank you for taking the time ⌚ and effort to give us such a valuable tip. You just saved me from one of my serious contact synchronisation issues. 🙂

  2. Why go to the problem of copying?
    You can select in which account to save it when creating.
    I just uncheck the Local Contacts option from the drop down an the top and it goes directly to the Gmail account.

  3. This is all very useful. I wish there is an option to select All in Local Contacts.

    How about local calendar events? Is there a way for moving local calendar events to Google, too?

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