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Grab Your Passport, Where Off To Istanbul!

When Madrid met Istanbul or more specifically when Ricardo met Stephan. Now who are Ricardo and Stephan you ask?  Ricardo and Stephan are two of our BlackBerry Exclusive members.

When me and Al first set up BlackBerry Exclusive we never thought in a million years that we would have members from our small community meeting up face to face one day.  We had set this up as a way to help fellow BlackBerry lovers out with support, help and advice regarding their devices, along with making a new friend or two along the way.

In our group we all chat daily and we have this section where we post our locations as we are all from all over the world.  The founder had one day been speaking  very highly to Ricardo about Stephan (all good stuff Stephan, don't worry!) for Ricardo to then say to himself "I want to know more about this cool guy!"  and added him right from the group.  They went on to talking about their favourite BlackBerry devices and what they both did for a living etc.

On Saturday 21st May 2016 the lovely Ricardo due to travelling for business to Istanbul decided to arrange to meet up with Stephan an Stephan's Wife.

Not only did they have a great time meeting up and getting to know one another face to face but they also talked about their love for their BlackBerry devices which consisted of a BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Passport SE and the BlackBerry Classic.

It's amazing from my point of view how a BlackBerry can connect you to people from all around the world, from all the photos that I've seen they definitely had a blast!

I have also been informed that their next meet up will be in Madrid.

So my question to you is, have you met up with someone off BBM from another country?

If so, email me with photos and your story to



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