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Doo – An innovative productive tool from Cell Ninja

I think all remember Cell Ninja. He has created some great tools for BlackBerry 10. He has now published another all which makes one more productive.
doo is a shortcut creator that allows you to doo things faster, more efficiently.
__Buttons Shortcuts__
Assign actions to your Power button or volume buttons.
__Homescreen Shortcuts__
Create icons on your Homescreen to perform common tasks faster than before.
__Record audio__
You're at the doctor's office and don't want to forget the important advice you are being told? You're always one button press away from recording at any moment.
It's dark in here? Light up the place before you can say "Flashlight" three times.
__Manage your clipboard__
Ever been in a situation where you wanted to paste some text that is not in your clipboard anymore because you copied something else in the meantime? doo allows you to access the last 10 text copied to your clipboard.
__What else can it doo?__
- Open an application
- Call someone
- Compose text message, email or BBM
- Access your device Settings (ie: Wifi, Bluetooth, Display, Language, etc)
- Open a frequently used folder
doo is headless, you don't need to open the app to use it. Whenever you want, just press that button and you're on your way to productivity.
Screen Shots:
IMG_20160616_113431 IMG_20160616_113444 IMG_20160616_113451 IMG_20160616_113533 IMG_20160612_213351 IMG_20160616_113354 IMG_20160616_113400 IMG_20160616_113408 dIMG_20160616_113416
Doo is available for download from BlackBerry World for $1.99
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