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Hub Browser – Browsing on BB10 is more productive now

There was always a request to BlackBerry to add a feature to open links in a card rather than opening the entire browser. Though BlackBerry didn't hear those, Tundra Core Studios came to rescue by releasing hub browser a year ago. Now with the new update they have made it even better. Hub Browser is a native BlackBerry 10 application dedicated providing a quick and seamless experience for faster web browsing as the application enables users to open links within their current application; ensuring that efficiency is kept to a high standard as you can click back and you can get straight back on with what you were doing beforehand.

The full list of additions, fixes and improvements have been outlined below:

  • Added ability to click on the title bar to close the tabs list 
  • Added clear cache button (in storage settings) 
  • Added content for blank tabs 
  • Added keep awake setting 
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts (scroll to top & bottom) 
  • Added number inside to tabs icon to show the number of active tabs 
  • Added option to open local files ('file:///')  
  • Added Spanish translation  
  • Added viewport to tab 2 & 3 (to stop zooming out completely) 
  • Adjusted layout (Passport) to fill the whole screen 
  • Categorized Settings 
  • Complete overhaul and redesign 
  • Configured action items to work for all tabs 
  • Implemented bookmarks 
  • Implemented history 
  • Implemented keyboard swipe gestures to go forwards and backwards (Passport only) 
  • Implemented on-screen swipe gestures to go forwards and backwards (All devices) 
  • Implemented private browsing 
  • Implemented RpdLi integration 
  • Implemented save page functionality for offline viewing 
  • Implemented signature action item 
  • Implemented tabs 
  • Made the layout sizes the same for all devices 
  • Updated invocation to share link as title 
  • Updated link shortening service 
  • Updated translations

Screen Shots:

4 5 6 Hub Browser Password Protection 1 3


Hub Browser, for BlackBerry 10, is available to download on the BlackBerry® World™ for £0.75 ($0.99) worldwide.


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