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Update to Charger Alert v3.3 – Now Available on BlackBerry World


Charger Alert provides battery information and protects your device by warning you with an alarm if the battery is too low, too hot, fully charged, or unplugged while charging.

What's new in v3.3:
* Improved the battery monitor for better efficiency and accuracy.
* Alerts now automatically stop when appropriate, e.g. Hot battery alert stops when no longer hot, Unplugged alert stops when replugged, etc. This can be prevented for the Unplugged alert as a security measure.
* Opening the app now displays a log of all alert messages since it was last opened.
* Replaced the battery condition status with a health percentage level.
* Added the option (in Settings) for flashing the LED while charging.
* Added the option (in Settings) to choose between single or multiple hub notifications.
* Prevent plugged in alert from sounding if the device is in silent mode.
* Fixed an issue with the update process.
* Other minor fixes and improvements.


Make sure and grab a copy now from BlackBerry World:

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