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BlackBerry 10, the future?

Well I don't know about you lot but we have seen many things about BlackBerry 10 in forum posts across countless sites, is this the end of BlackBerry 10?
For me no, my journey with BlackBerry 10 started on february 1st 2013. I had an iphone until then, the Z10 was the simple wow factor and to me had the promise of a device which was going to become something spectacular, was I disappointed, no I wasn't! Not at all! To this day I still own a BlackBerry z10 running the original official OS! Still swiping up and down to answer my phone, sod the conventional shit!

So three years on, what's happened....

BlackBerry is what happened!

The fact they were bleeding money as a company they needed help, however to me they made the wrong choice!

I agree they had so many times to try and put things right, they even had the time to come up with things that needed to be shown to the world. Now they have no time for their real loyal fans, those who back in the day started off with a pager! BlackBerry evolving into a software company! Yeah right they are bending over to the masses and conforming with society as it stands!

I remember BlackBerry the way it used to be, a strong market presence, a phone well sort after, a boundary breaker.

I don't believe BlackBerry would of fallen so quickly if they kept their alternative edge!

So to me, for the past three years BlackBerry added a huge segment in my life, personally I didn't like os7 , I agree with the masses of BlackBerry fans that still exist, BlackBerry 10 should be kept alive, there is no greater advantage than being secure, and you cannot be secure if you don't own it from the start.

This is my argument as to why I choose BlackBerry, this is the reason I will stick with BlackBerry 10.

We have two more updates known, albeit security updates.

Will their be more? Who knows? Will there still be dev's? Who knows? But what I do know is we have a community that trusts and supports BlackBerry 10. People who moved to the Priv and returned, people who moved to other os' and also returned. Others who jumped and stayed with their choice miss a lot of BlackBerry features!

I stay with BlackBerry 10 for security, for easy use, for reliability and stability. If I wanted to be normal id of been born that way, if I wanted to follow sheep id be born the apple way. If I wanted to blend in id be a droid by now. I want to be someone who makes a choice, someone looking out for their own, therefore I choose control and privacy over everything else! That's why I choose BlackBerry.

And if you guys know that feeling you need to show @johnchen your support for the os we know and love, the os we fought for!

For those who remember

For those who have never seen this you should!

BlackBerry used to be top of the tree, now BlackBerry may become history! But I am proud to say I will be with BlackBerry until my last device takes its last key press!

Show your support everyone. BlackBerry needs us!


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9 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10, the future?

  1. With all doom and gloom my kids upgraded from theirs respective Z30 and Classic to Passports. As young as they are 19 & 24 and wanting BlackBerry phones there is a future for beloved BlackBerry. Mind you my whole family fancy Blackberries. 3 Passports and two Leaps plus Z30 a Classic as back ups

  2. BlackBerry 10 Os smartphones are simply the best for productivity, simplicity, security and ease of use! BlackBerry 10 will be with me until my two BB 10 Passport SEs die. And if Chen decides to stop making BB10 smartphones I will say goodbye BlackBerry! Jolla Sailfish 2.0 Turing Smartphone will b my next phone.

  3. Very well written Alan,

    As an avid BlackBerry fan and user it pains me that we are being pushed aside in favour of appeasing the masses.

    I admit like yourselve I purchased a Priv, I run it side by side to bridge the bb10 gap.

    As you know I own many legacy and rare handsets, I’m not a collector or a hoarder, I am a lover of Blackberry, I have used there devices for many many years, I plan to continue using them until they no longer function and become pieces of electronic art.

  4. Loving my Z30 Still, if another BB10 full touch comes out that is an upgrade from my Z30 I’ll definitely be buying it. BlackBerry, please keep this great OS alive!

  5. Me BlackBerry Q10 does all a phone should do. O sorry I forgot finger print and hover to turn on phone and things suckers with new phones show me. . .for 2 weeks. Great being mocked by apple bods who can’t even zoom in on main screen or vids. Now BlackBerry going Android just hope running gear is as good as now. Anyone need to borrow my charger? O no apple have shanged it again. This week. I’m not bitter 8-))) remember them

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