Facebox for BlackBerry 10

So if your anything like me, you were a bit peed off when Facebook was no longer supported on BlackBerry 10 as an app and we had to go the browser to check out our notifications.  I know we had Face10 from Nemory Studios but I couldn't get away with the app, something didn't feel right! (Sorry Nemory!) however I do love his Twittly app, but I think that's because personally I'm more of a Twitter fan than a Facebook fan!

I see Canada Inc have created a native Facebook client for us BlackBerry 10 device lovers.  With non of the rubbish advertisements and no in-app purchases.  So maybe, just maybe I may enjoy Facebook again.

I've only really been using it on and off this past 24 hours but seems ok to me, I will post a full review on the app after using it for a week, once I've had time to have a good play around with it.

If you would like to download the free app then click here

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