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Make your BlackBerry hub smarter with Hubby by Cell Ninja

Hubby, the new productivity tool from CellNinja, is now available in BlackBerry World. ‎ Hubby brings sticky notifications to Hub, giving you access to Weather, Stocks and Battery infos at any given time, right from the app you use the most : BlackBerry Hub.‎ The app is easy to setup and will run in the background, so you don't have to keep the app opened to make your Hub smarter than before. Just setup once and enjoy forever.  Hubby is the first app ever to create Hub notifications that are sticky to the top of the Hub, while this may seems like magic at first, the concept is quite simple : Notifications are posted 24 hours in the future, so they will appear under tomorrow's date, keeping them always on top. Also, Hubby notifications are already marked as read to make sure that you can hide them quickly by pinching in (filter by unread).


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Hubby is priced at 0.99$US and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices running 10.2.1 and up. CellNinja Bundle users can already get Hubby for free using the new CellNinja Bundle update that came out today.





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