Now control your phone using your Pebble Smartwatch with the new update of Doo by Cell Ninja

I think all know about Doo app. From now on, Bridge and doo are connected together and they can talk to each other, allowing your Pebble smartwatch to be smarter than ever before! With Bridge WA running on your Pebble, you can trigger doo actions right from your wrist without having to reach to your phone. Three actions are currently supported : Weather, Flashlight and Record Audio.
So, go ahead and update your CellNinja apps, a new world of possibilities is coming to your wrist!

Here's a detailed changelog for all three apps (there are some cool stuff for non-Pebble users too!)

1) doo
- doo now accepts command from Pebble smartwatch ! (Bridge app required)
- Weather forecast is now sent to Pebble and Vector smartwatch if phone screen is OFF (Bridge app required)
- New actions : Quick Note, Open Web page, Open File
- Open File, Open Folder and Open Web page Homescreen shortcuts now opens directly without having to open doo first
- Physical keyboard backlight flashes when using an action (only works when screen is ON unfortunately)
- Bug fixes

2) Bridge
- Bridge meets doo! You can now use your Pebble to trigger any of the three supported doo actions : Weather, Flashlight and Record Audio.
- Get doo for free using the banner on main screen (doesn't apply to users on their trial period)

** Please also update Bridge WA in Pebble Appstore **

- Fix a bug with persistent storage

3) Bridge WA
- Added "doo" as a menu option
- Fixed a layout bug in Settings menu option that affected Pebble Round users


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