Pokémon Go On Your BlackBerry 10…. why not?

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To install Android Apps like Pokemon go on your Blackberry 10 device you will have to do exactly as below!!

  • Install 'Blackberry Runtime for Android' It must be done from your BlackBerry 10 browser and it must not be in Desktop Mode or the update will not show
  • Open the installed app, you will see the BB Logo, with a tekst below that he is busy initializing. wait for it, the app will minimize all of the sudden.. then he is ready
  • reboot your blackberry
  • Install 'Google+ Whitelist'!lgAAHQBJ!eFuthSbZzos421TtPgAN73FvsT752A-vfKG3OrlSeb4
  • Open Google+ Whitelist app, and then you can close
  • Now download and install all the .APK files from this link:!ZgYgVaKD!oPLBx-mGcBubgueavOlWWA This includes: 1) an Google ID App for your BB10 (GID) 2) Google Play Store, 3) Google Play Services (after install it will be found as the Google Settings app) 4) Google play games 5) Android Mobile Network (your new android apps are then allowed to use your 3-4G network) 6) Google Account Manager 7) Android Browser
  • after installing all these apps, open your Google+ Whitelist Google Play Services and Google Play Games should be mentioned there now.
  • open Google Account Manager and make a new google/Gmail account, or try to login with your current gmail/Google account
  • when that is done please open the Blackberry Google ID app (GID)
  • Activate your google ID to push the button mentioned.

As of now you are able to open and run Google Play Store, and you can download the apps you like.

Now we are going to install the Pokemon Go app for Blackberry:!JtIyTKJQ!xmYLo0mh6Ol40WyAzYoSJg * after download and install, please open up your Google+ Whitelist app. Pokemon Go app should be mentioned now! if not, something had go wrong in the process here above...

if yes open you Pokemon Go app, and login with Google+. the servers are very full, so don't shoot the messenger if you cannot login for a while. BB10 GPS system will often bale you, so it could be that you are walking in a empty field.

if you are not seeing the blue pokemon stops, please reboot you BB10 and startup the Pokemon Go app. its should be solved.. Also the camera doesn't work well sometimes, (half if covered in Black screen). so you cannot catch the pokemon. but you can turn off the camera in the left corner when you find a pokemon and then you will be in Pokemon's virtual world. and cacthing them in the virtual world. Much easier though.

any Question? Pm Me

Readme in PDF:!t8hUTAgR!tOz3_hsoerQ8sY-y4PZ7qK8McP3Ww_dOsl-Xsjhj_Ew


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13 thoughts on “Pokémon Go On Your BlackBerry 10…. why not?

  1. I already did all the steps and apparently I did well because the app Pokemon appears on google whitelist , and the app plays but I get an error with the GPS . The GPS signal can not be found , I rebooted my BB but the problem is not solved . Any idea how to fix it?

      1. yes, the android mobile network is also installed and apparently works correctly , but still appears ” could not find the GPS signal ” . Any other idea why it does not work ? Thank you

  2. I followed the steps and the app works well but it has no Internet connection so once I leave my wifi the game stops working. Dose anyone have any ideas on how to fix that. Thanks

      1. I have it installed when I open it and click on more android settings then click on more under wireless and networks then mobile networks and a pop up comes up saying that settings has stopped. Thanks for the response

  3. Hi! I’ve installed the apk and it works fine about 10 minutes. Then pokestops, pokemons, sightings list, gyms, simply dissapears… after restart the Phone the game work fine again, but the problem get back. Any solution? *i’m BR sorry for my bad english. Hwuaheuaheua

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