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Be My BBM Baby….

Evening All,

So driving home from the weekly food shop with the husband and the kids, Al turns to me and asks me if I had seen the YouTube link that he posted in the B.B.E.X Lounge BBM Group.   I'm sat there thinking what the hell are you on about?  Bare in mind I never have time when the kids are off on summer holidays and it's non stop!

So he tells me about Miss Lana Del Ray and her unrealised song which has now been delivered! The song is called "BBM Baby"  it has me in stitches this song and I just had to share it!  If you haven't heard it, then you got to check it out!  Some of the lyrics are below and below is the video!

I BBM'in you letting you love me
in your letters o the way that you write is crazy
Your typing is poetical, red roses in your message oh
I think I met my match when you text me chase me

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