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Review: Premium Quality Skins from UKarbon

You know the feeling when you get yourself a brand new phone and you want to keep it in prestine condition right? Like myself I used to purchase a bulky case, which would  hide the design of the device.  However not anymore thanks to UKarbon.

The name U|Karbon (you-carbon) came from a combo of being UK based with a play on the word carbon.

 Two recent graduates, Tom Summerfield and Harry Hyde Hextall of Bournemouth University who set up UKarbon on their placement year, did their research and sourced the highest quality material along with paying close attention to detail along every step of the way.  Their premium templates are measured to 0.01mm and it's amazing to see that their little project has already carboned 1000's of devices worldwide.

UKarbon also do skins for the following devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming console from scratches as well as enhancing the item’s appearance, how cool is that??

I love how these skins give you Scratch Protection,  A Textured 3D Finish, No Finger Marks, 3M Quality Vinyl and Leaves No Residue..

Now as a mother of three children, you can imagine that I'm constantly using my device, my BlackBerry Passport SE to take photos of my children, to save important dates such as the kid's sports days or end of term showcases etc.  Which also means that it's never in my pocket or handbag and yes although I take care of my phone I'm starting to see the odd scratch on the edges of my phone  (Not bad considering I've had the phone since September 2015) and that's where I found out about UKarbon via my best friend Ian and the husband Alan.

Both the husband and Ian have purchased these skins before and I was a bit wary of protective skins compared to hard case shells as was worried about the skin's durability. however so far so good.

U| Karbon

So I took myself over to their website and took a look at the selection of colours for my BlackBerry Passport SE and out of the 21 colours available I opted for the Orange Peel and Alan opted for the Champagne Gold.  We ordered these skins along with some bullets and an extra skin 🙂

Now UKarbon don't leave you in the dark how to apply them either which is even better for someone like me who hasn't got a steady hand.

For more information:

Installation Videos and Installation Technique

Now for the fun bit, I posted on the BlackBerry Exclusive BBM Channel C00305138 yesterday and got you to take a guess at the colours we picked, some of you were close and some of you were the other side of the colour scale.  However he's the skin's in all their glory for you to feast your eyes on!

We will start with Alan's UKarbon Skin: Champagne Gold

U| Karbon : Champagne Carbon

U| Karbon : Champagne Carbon
U| Karbon : Champagne Carbon

I got admit, when I saw the skin that Alan had picked I thought it looked good, but I never thought it would look that good when on the device, from a distance it looks like it's blended nice with the phone, nice and flush!

I chose UKarbon's Skin: Orange Peel

U| Karbon : Orange Peel

U| Karbon : Orange Peel

U| Karbon : Orange Peel
I went for this colour because although I love the Silver Edition Passport as it stands out, I was starting to want something different, not a different phone however as I love the BlackBerry 10 software too much but something different, a different colour and also because now that the husband has the same phone, I'm sick of picking up his and sticking in my password and being like dam this isn't my phone!!

So buy your very own skin at UKarbon today!

Help us, Help Support UKarbon by following and networking with them and let them know Nikki from BlackBerry Exclusive sent you!

Thanks again Tom and Harry!






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