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SwipeCall by Hugsoft

Well guys its time for another app review, this time I've chosen SwipeCall from Hugsoft.

To be fair this is one app I thought I would have no use for, however it comes in really handy!
I have found myself using the app more and more. Its probably more for ease than anything else.
Swipe call is a native app which allows you to add names and numbers (I added all my most common contacts)
So now instead of searching for the contact I want to call (who isn't on speed dial) I go straight into SwipeCall and simply swipe that persons name to the right to initiate a call! This kinda cuts out the searching for a persons name etc, especially as I clear my hub of numbers constantly.

And loving the fact you can have the assents in any colour you want!

Any how here is the official app details:

SwipeCall is a BlackBerry native application.
Swipe Left-to-Right for calling.Fast and easy

How to use :
1) Click on New button
2) Enter name, phone number
3) Select picture for contact
4) Click save
5) It will show you contact in main screen
6) If you want to select contact from phone book, then after click on New button click on open button to select contact from phone book, if contact has picture than it will show you pic on screen if not than you can select your pic too
7) On main screen , Swipe Left to Right to Call that contact

Features and extras:
> Easy to handle.
> Adaptive theme available.
> Dark and Bright theme available.
> Different Colors to look UI different
> Fast and reliable
> Backup and Restore function available.

SOON RIGHT-TO-LEFT Swipe will be added.

So head on over to BlackBerry World and grab yourself a copy!

SwipeCall : BlackBerry World



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