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So None Of This Blandroid Rubbish!…Who’s With Me?

So at the weekend thinking about BlackBerry Exclusive and where it's heading.  I mean come on since BlackBerry went over to Android, not just myself but many others including the person reading this knows there doesn't seem to be much talk about BlackBerry10.  Well I for one LOVE BlackBerry10 and ain't ready to see it go, considering I Chose BlackBerry10 for my Security & Privacy!   Which got me thinking as so many of my friends who have ditched / sold their BlackBerry10 devices and gone to the BlackBerry PRIV and now the Dtek50, have come back to BlackBerry10, what can I do, to remind them why BlackBerry10 is so darn good!

I know BlackBerry, like many companies out there, they have to move with the times, but when I co-started this I was all for BlackBerry10 this and BlackBerry10 that, none of this Blandroid rubbish (just my opinion!), who's with me?!

So in the past 48 hours I have been contacting BlackBerry10 App Developers asking them a few questions and in return review their amazing BlackBerry10 Apps.  So keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks of Interviews and Reviews!

I for one have no interest in BlackBerry Android and WILL continue to post about BlackBerry10.

Also if your a BlackBerry10 App Developer and would like your apps featured here, then please email myself direct at

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6 thoughts on “So None Of This Blandroid Rubbish!…Who’s With Me?

  1. Hello
    I am not an app developer but I am a very Loyal Fan of BB10 & not of BlackBerry anymore since they decided to go Android. Leaving their own secure best Productive OS ‘BB10’ to Android is just Lame, Only for Apps they ditched their Own created best Platform, if they had focused on developing Apps and paid well to developers and Promote and Advertise marketize bb10 Things might have been different. I will never support BlackBerry Android unless they give us next bb10 device, and BlackBerry are very good liars when it comes for answering on bb10. Where is 10.3.3?? If they are committed to bb10 then why no news over it. ? BlackBerry are now just Google slave. Once innovative Iconic company is now just a mere software Google slave.

  2. Nikki, your mission is admirable and I know there are tons of BB10 voices out there who will join your bandwagon. Personally I love BB10, but my Passport is my backup now to the Priv. I love both and see a role for BlackBerry as a security software company. Unfortunately, BlackBerry never had the ad dollars to fight multi-billion dollar monsters like Samsung and Apple and even if they did, Microsoft’s failed Windows Phone project simply demonstrates that the mass market belongs to Apple and Android. That isn’t to say that BB10 doesn’t serve an important niche but focusing only on BB10, as awesome as it is, would drive BlackBerry to bankruptcy. I’m hoping they keep the platform alive, with or without new BB10 devices, but recognize that their future relies on expertise they have developed in Google’s backyard. Without their Android expertise, which will lead to software and security licensing, they simply wouldn’t have the dollars to keep BB10 alive.

    1. I really don’t understand one thing which is the goal is BlackBerry to be considered as a software company then producing phone, just concentrate on software side and dump the handset business. Keep the bb10 updates coming for normal as well as corporates, govt, defense. Clearly going android won’t save them or bring huge upgrade on sale figure of device selling about 5million android devices.

      If want android there are lots of phones with lots of better specs in line, then why BlackBerry? Oh just for security… thats a selling agenda nothing else.

    2. Thanking you for your kind words SheldonBK and as like you regardless of the move to Android I do hope that they keep the BB10 Platform alive considering I have met some wonderful people on that platform and although there is other platforms out there to stay in touch, however none of them are as secure as BB10

      1. Hi nikki, I too have made some wonderful friends and developer in bb10 and I too want this platform to survive but as per the direction is going I don’t think we will see it more then a year. Sad truth BlackBerry will end bb10 for Android by 2017.

        Which BlackBerry Device are you using as your daily driver.
        My is BlackBerry Passport.

  3. Nice Post Nikki, really at this point I don’t know what to do to support BlackBerry 10… making apps ? Or buying devices lol. Many friend Devs have noticed a significant decrease of app downloads and purchases on BlackBerry World… and they have started to look at other platforms like android and ios…

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